When to plant tomatoes in Kentucky?

Answer Mid May in order to avoid frost.

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Why Don't I Have Tomatoes on My Plant?

One of the most common complaints from home gardeners regarding tomato plants is that the plant grows and produces blooms, but does not bear tomatoes. Tomato plants can fail to set fruit for a vari... Read More »

When do you plant tomatoes?

The proper time to plant tomatoes varies depending on the location and climate of the area. Gardeners in southern climates can plant tomatoes much earlier than those in the northern latitudes. The ... Read More »

How to Plant Better Boy Tomatoes?

Better Boy tomatoes are classified as a "Main-Crop Red" tomato. Better Boy tomato plants produce medium-sized fruits that are a bright red when ripe and ready to eat. This brightly flavored tomato ... Read More »

When do you cut tomatoes from the plant?

Cut tomatoes when they are still firm and red all over. If the growing variety is a yellow variety, look for a golden color. The day before a freeze is expected in the fall, cut all the full-sized ... Read More »