When to plant a veggie garden?

Answer The United States Department of Agriculture suggests vegetable gardens should be planted after the last frost date for your area. Each area of the country is separated into one of 11 zones, and the... Read More »

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How do I keep deer out of my veggie garden?

deer are creatures of habit and can be trained/encouraged to travel around your garden rather than through it.there are several basic concepts to keep in mind when dealing with deer: breeding seaso... Read More »

How to Create a Veggie Garden for Kids?

When springtime arrives it's the perfect time to create a garden that is both kid-friendly and will provide you hearty, home-grown vegetables. If greens are not presently counted among your childre... Read More »

The Best Plants for a Winter Veggie Garden?

Growing a winter vegetable garden saves money. It is possible to sow and harvest a variety of vegetables from November through February. Some of these vegetables need protection, such as a cold fra... Read More »

When to Put Mulch Around Veggie Plants in a Garden?

Mulch is any material spread on top of the soil between your garden plants. Mulch can mean sheets of black plastic, thick layers of newspaper, straw, compost, shredded bark or even small stones. So... Read More »