When to lay a babies on there bellies?

Answer While sleeping a baby should always be placed on his/her back and only on their tummies supervised 4 tummy time however most will tend 2 get a tad cranky at it

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Is there anyone that can tell me of a restaurant in Phoenix,AZ area that serves Fried Clams with the bellies.?

check these out PP:Taylor's Chowder House3528 W. Calavar Road, Phoenix(602) 978-1815Rating: Price: $20-$40This Back East seafood restaurant knows its deep-fried way around the likes of clams, oyste... Read More »

About Beer Bellies?

"Do fries come with that shake?" may not be what you want to hear in reference to your mid-section. The unsightly abdominal fat that protrudes from your physique is more than unaesthetic, it's unhe... Read More »

What if bio father has never been there He never wanted or supported his now 2 year old twins now insisitng on them calling him daddy and wanting his visitation when it freaks babies out?

Answer Be thankful that he has seen the error of his ways and wants to be a part of their lives. As long as he is a good dad, not a druggie,abuser etc it can only be a good thing in the long term... Read More »

How old does a child need to be to decide where child want's to live Or when to say when they want to go to ones parents house when it is there time there?