When to go to the doctor for a bug bite?

Answer A distinct red line radiating from a wound that is infected is often a sign of blood poisoning. It progresses toward the heart, and when it finally reaches it you DIE.Your condition sounds a bit li... Read More »

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Should I get this bug bite checked by a doctor?

Haha funny because I had this too! I suggest you go to the doctor and they will give you a cream which will make the rash go away in no time

Should I take my 3-year old girl to a doctor after a cat bite?

Do I need to get checked by a doctor if I got bit by a dog and the bite was deep?

sure, if you want to get another big bite.

Is this a spider bite If so what kind Help from doctor or someone please?

hi,ill say its weird,i was thinking on the lines of a tick bite,a bullseye rash is a dead give away.have him tested for lyme disease,this could make him sick if not detected early.