When to fertilize tomato/peppers/onions plants?

Answer No one answer fits all garden conditions. The true answer depends upon the amount of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium naturally in your soil. If your soil has all 3 in the amounts needed you won't... Read More »

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How often should a person fertilize plants?

Fertilizer is necessary to help both indoor and outdoor plants grow. Fertilizing outdoor plants every two weeks during their growth season is the ideal recommendation. Moderation is the key to fert... Read More »

How to Fertilize CELOS Plants?

CELOS is the symbol used for Celosia L. "Cockscomb," from the Amaranthaceae family of plants. Celosia is the name associated with many similar plant varieties. The various celosia cultivars are div... Read More »

How do I fertilize pepper plants?

Plant the pepper seeds in a garden area that receives full sunlight throughout the day. Allow about 18 to 24 inches in between the pepper plants, and space rows approximately 2 to 3 feet from each ... Read More »

How do I fertilize hosta plants?

When to FertilizeFertilize hosta plants in the early spring as new growth emerges to encourage the root system to expand as the plant comes out of winter dormancy. Apply fertilizer again in early s... Read More »