When to cut back porcupine grass?

Answer Cut it back either late fall or winter, once it has died off for the year. Remove the dead portion of the grass prior to new growth appearing in the spring.

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Does salt water in the pool kill your grass if you back wash and will the grass die around the pool by splashing water?

Answer Salt is actually good for your grass, but if you constantly backwash in the same place you could flood your grass overwatering it. And no, of course splashing saltwater will not kill your gr... Read More »

How far back should pampas grass be cut?

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) should be cut back to near ground level each year. This is to make room for fresh vigorous growth in the spring. Prune pampas grass in the late winter before the ... Read More »

Will dead grass grow back?

While grass in the process of dying can often be brought back to life, grass that is already dead will not come back no matter what sort of care you provide. Once grass has fully died off it is nec... Read More »

How do I kill sea grass in my back yard?

SetupLocate the sections of sea grass on your lawn that you want to kill. Rope off these sections with a length of string, hose or wire.Smother GrassCover the section of sea grass you want to kill ... Read More »