When to cut back dahlias?

Answer Dahlias will grow and flower quite happily until cut down by frost. After they have been blackened cut them to ground level and lift and store the tubers.

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When do dahlias flower?

Dahlias flower from mid-summer until frost. They tend to become more spectacular as the weather cools. The blooms range from 2 to 10 inches in diameter and appear in shades of white, pink, red and ... Read More »

When can i plant dahlias?

The dahlia, scientifically known as Dahlia pinnata, is a spectacular-looking ornamental garden flower that is native to the mountains of Mexico. The elaborate, brilliantly-colored blooms can range ... Read More »

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Are dahlias annuals?

Dahlias are considered tender perennial flowers. These summer flowers are semi-hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 and 7. This means that the dahlias are left in the ground year round in these ar... Read More »