When to ask for a father to give up their parental rights?

Answer When you believe fathers are irrelevant.see link

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Can a woman's boyfriend or husband adopt her children with out having their father give up his parental rights?

the child is in cps custody and is telling everyone that they don't want to return to the abuse in the adoptive home and wants to live with their biological mother does the twelve year old have rig... Read More »

How can a father give up his parental rights?

Answer A parent can file a Termination of Parental Rights petition in the appropriate state court in the city or county of residence.Whether the court will allow the parent to be relieved of all f... Read More »

Can father give up parental rights without a lawyer?

Answer Yes, every adult has the legal option to represent themselves in a court of law, unless a judge rules otherwise.Be advised, that the court can (and usually will) appoint a Guardian Ad Litem... Read More »

Can a father willingly give up his parental rights to his child?

Any parent, father or mother, can relinquish their parental rights voluntarily. Sometimes this is done so that a new spouse can legally adopt the child. Contact the nearest court that has jurisdic... Read More »