When to Use Batteries in Series?

Answer Knowing when to use batteries in series can help you design electronic products or save you in emergency power situations. Using batteries in series often depends on whether you need more voltage o... Read More »

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Does wiring batteries in series increase the watt hour capacity of the batteries?

The total amount of energy (watt hours) that your batteries can deliver remains the same no matter how you wire them to each other. Wired in series, the voltage is the sum of the individual voltage... Read More »

How to Put Batteries in a Series Two 12V?

If you need to make a 24-volt battery and only have two 12-volt batteries, you can connect the two batteries together to make one 24-volt battery. The two 12-volt batteries are connected end-to-end... Read More »

How to Install Car Batteries in a Series?

Connecting batteries in series is a way to get the combined voltages of the batteries as a power source. For example, two 6-volt batteries connected in series will deliver 12 volts of power, or thr... Read More »

How to Connect 6V Batteries in a Series?

Voltage sources can be arranged in a series circuit to increase the voltage differential in that circuit. Batteries, for example, are often arranged in series by electrically connecting the negativ... Read More »