When to Trim a Tulip Tree?

Answer The tulip tree is a fast-growing tree of the magnolia family that reaches a mature height of 100 feet with a trunk 2 to 4 feet in diameter. Like any landscape tree, the tulip tree needs occasional ... Read More »

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If a tree overhangs your garden and the person whos tree it is refuses to trim it are you entitled to trim it?

Simple answer - yes.You are well within your rights to cut/chop the part down which hangs over into your garden if, however, it is not over 75 years old. If it is over this age you will have to ge... Read More »

Is a tulip tree a sweet gum?

A tulip tree, also called a yellow poplar, is not a sweet gum tree. The tulip tree belongs to the Magnolia family, while the sweet gum species is a member of the Hamamelidacea, or Witch Hazel, fami... Read More »

What is the scientific name for the tulip tree?

The scientific name for the tulip tree or tuliptree is Liriodendron tulipifera. According to Duke University, it is also known as the tulip-poplar or yellow-poplar. The tulip tree is a member of th... Read More »

Is a tulip tree a sweetgum?

A tulip tree is actually a yellow poplar. It is one of the tallest hardwoods in the eastern portion of North America, and has tulip-shaped leaves and flowers. Its leaves turn yellow in the fall. A... Read More »