When to Replace a Bulb in a Rear-Projection TV?

Answer While lamp bulbs in rear projection televisions have different lifespans in different models, the experts agree that lamps typically last about 8,000 hours on most models. However, some of the chea... Read More »

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Is the bulb the only thing wrong with my rear projection TV?

After rear projection tvs are a few years old many parts start to fail. A bulb replacement might be a good place to start, but they are expensive and there is no way to tell what other parts may b... Read More »

How to Replace the Projection Bulb in an LG RU 48SZ40?

The LG RU 48SZ40 is an LCD-based projection television that sends the light from a projector lamp through a transparent LCD panel, to form images on the large screen in the television. Over time, t... Read More »

How much to replace guns on rear projection sony tv?

Replacing these might be beyond your abilities, let a trained technician do it.

What is better front projection or rear projection TV?