When to Replace Rubber Brake Hoses?

Answer The majority of a vehicle's brake line is metal. Rubber brake hoses allow freedom of movement to the wheels of an automobile, while connecting them with the brake line. As any brake part needs to b... Read More »

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How to Replace Rear Brake Hoses?

If your car is having trouble with its braking system -- specifically, a less responsive pedal when you engage the brakes -- you may need to replace the brake hoses. These components are responsibl... Read More »

How to Replace Front Hydraulic Brake Hoses?

Brakes work under hydraulic pressure applied at the brake pedal. Fluid is pushed through steel brake lines that are routed to each wheel. The flexible brake hoses that connect the hard steel brake ... Read More »

How to Fix Rubber Radiator Hoses?

If you notice steam or fluid leaking from the engine compartment in your car, you probably have a fluid leak. At the first opportunity, you should fix your rubber radiator hoses. Luckily, there are... Read More »

Do Rubber Hoses Leak Natural Gas?

Rubber hoses do not leak natural (methane) gas and are often used in appliances and grilling equipment. Be certain the rubber hose is rated for the appropriate pressure of the equipment.References:... Read More »