When to Put Sprinkles on Cookies When Baking?

Answer Although they may be chocolate flavored, hot pink or every color of the rainbow, one thing that's certain is that adding sprinkles to cookies will give the treat a burst of flavor and fun. There ar... Read More »

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What flour is best for baking cookies?

Pastry and cake flour are the best for baking cookies. Both are soft wheat flours with a lower protein content than all-purpose flour. Cookies made with pastry or cake flour have a delicate texture... Read More »

Question about Baking Cookies?

20 minutes is probably too long..Most cookies only take 10-12 minutes..

When baking cookies can I substitute anything for butter?

You can use any of the following in place of butter:Vegetable Shortening – Earth Balance and Spectrum Organics (also soy-free) have come out with mainstream shortenings, which are free of trans f... Read More »

Science Projects for Baking Different-Sized Cookies?

A fun and simple science project for a school science fair is to bake cookies of different sizes for different durations and examine how long each takes to bake. The level of "doneness" in a cookie... Read More »