When to Plant Seeds in a Greenhouse?

Answer A greenhouse is a controlled environment for plants. Gardeners manipulate a greenhouse's temperature, lighting and moisture to maintain ideal conditions for plant growth and development. Some plant... Read More »

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How do I plant seeds in a greenhouse?

Clean StartClean the greenhouse before planting seeds to prevent mold and fungal diseases.Sowing and PreparationSow the seeds in early spring if the greenhouse is heated, or midspring if not heated... Read More »

Grapevines.... serious question. we have acquired a plant and are told to plant outside the greenhouse, can?

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How do I grow seeds in a greenhouse?

Using a greenhouse allows you get a jump on the growing season by extending it. When you start plants from seeds, you have a much bigger selection than if you buy seedlings already started. You get... Read More »

Germination of Greenhouse Seeds?

Germinating seeds in a greenhouse is ideal if you live in an area that has a short growing season. The controlled environment lets you get a head start on the spring. By the time the last frost com... Read More »