When to Pick Delicata?

Answer A sweet-tasting winter squash, delicata needs warm temperatures and plenty of room to grow. Winter squash differs from summer squash in that winter squash is harvested when mature, the seeds are fu... Read More »

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When can I pick my bagels?

Lucky for you, bagels reach maturity at only half the time that doughnuts do. Plain bagels only take an average of 54 days to maturity. Chocolate chip takes about another week or so for the choco... Read More »

When do you pick cucumber?

You can pick a cucumber anytime. If you are canning you'd pick them when they are small to make small sweet pickles for example. I pick them at anytime. Some gardeners believe that small veggies li... Read More »

How to Pick Up Women When You Are Ugly?

Women enjoy good looking men, it may as well be a scientific fact. But, let's face it...not every man can be as aesthetically pleasing as Brad Pitt. This is a list of tips and pointers to help out ... Read More »

When do you pick peaches in Georgia?

In Georgia, according to Dicky Farms, peaches ripen by variety. The clingstone variety, such as Goldprince, is picked from the middle to the end of May. Semi-free peaches, such as Gala, ripen from ... Read More »