When to Overhaul Car Engines?

Answer Rebuilding your car's engine can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking, and before you take such a drastic step, it is important to be absolutely certain that an engine rebuild is really th... Read More »

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What is the difference between marine engines&passenger car engines?

Some boat builders wonder why they cannot just use an automobile engine instead of a marine engine. The short answer is that, while the two are similar, the marine engine is built with much stronge... Read More »

What Is the Difference in Antifreeze for Deisel Engines&Gas Engines?

The basic difference between antifreeze in diesel engines and that used in gasoline engines is that diesel-formulated antifreeze contains a lower silicate content than gasoline-formulated antifreez... Read More »

How to Overhaul Your Drum Kit?

If your drum kit is old and decrepit or just not in good condition then a small tune-up might be in order.

How to Overhaul a Radiator?

If your vehicle is frequently overheating, then you may need to overhaul or replace its radiator. Some potential radiator problems may include a restricted or blocked grille that needs to be cleane... Read More »