When to Change the Timing Belt in a Fiesta?

Answer The timing belt is a critical part to maintain on your car. A broken belt will lead to costly repairs that could require a new engine. It's important to inspect the belt regularly for signs of wear... Read More »

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When should I change my timing belt on my car?

On One Hand: Car Manufacturer's RecommendationsA standard replacement period for the timing belt will fall between 50,000 and 100,000 driven miles. The owner's manual or service manual for your par... Read More »

When To Change the Timing Belt in a Kia Sportage?

The timing belt in a Kia Sportage should be changed as indicated in the owner's manual. In the United States, Kia recommends that the timing belt is changed every 60,000 miles regardless of driving... Read More »

When is it time to change a car timing belt?

On One Hand: Manufacturer's RecommendationThe timing belt on a car is not visible unless someone takes apart some of the engine, so replacing it or even inspecting it is a labor-intensive process. ... Read More »

When do you change a ford focus timing belt?

A Ford Focus, starting in 2000, needs its timing belt changed every 120,000 miles, according to Larry Carley of "Engine Builder Magazine." He states a timing belt fails without warning as the belt ... Read More »