When to Break a Car Lease Document You've Signed?

Answer If you can't pay your vehicle lease payments any longer, call your leasing bank as soon as possible. Otherwise, breaking your lease contract results in repossession, which significantly damages you... Read More »

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Can a landlord evict you when a lease is signed?

On One Hand: Eviction is PossibleA landlord may petition to start the eviction process after a lease is signed for a variety of reasons; a tenant that failed to pay rent is the most common cause. A... Read More »

Can mandatory renter's insurance be required months after a lease has been signed which does not include it?

When is a signed document considered legal?

All signed documents are considered legal. However, there are certain formalities that must be taken with some documents, such as wills and property deeds. These documents require one or more wit... Read More »

Are you allowed to scan and send a signed document?

Yes. It is a legal document just the same and the time and originating number are printed at the top to show proof of the sender, the time, etc....DO NOT retrace the signature. I deal with document... Read More »