When they say shrooms, as in drugs, what kind of mushrooms are they?

Answer Psylocibin is the scientific name. They are also called magic or psychedelic mushrooms. They make you hallucinate (see and hear and feel things that aren't there). You should never eat any mushroom... Read More »

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Is it possible to buy good hallucinagenic drugs online How about shrooms or acid?

Yes, you can purchase stuff online in the states. LSD and Shrooms are schedule 1 drugs, so if you find them online, don't order. Ordering a schedule 1 drug = hardtime. However chemicals like syn... Read More »

What kind of drugs could these be?

she's on crack cocaine Hun, or even meth amphetamine which is highly addictive and dangerous...sorry but that's the need to get her into rehab before she damages herself....i don;t know... Read More »

What kind of drugs?

A whole lot of alcohol, and perc's on occasion.

What kind of drugs are out there?

Where is it he went? And, you aren't seriously considering this, are you? I don't know where he is, but there are drugs everywhere you go. If he thinks he's going to just drag you 2 off to wherever... Read More »