When the mom is minor have legal custody for newborn baby?

Answer Yes, unless the court takes them away.

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When a child is born to a minor child age sixteen does that child have legal custody of the newborn baby?

ANSWER:Yes. Regardless of your age, you are still the mother. You will have legal custody unless those rights are terminated by the Court.

Can custody be signed over to the maternal grandmother through the courts by a mother who has sole legal and physical custody of a minor child without the father's consent?

Answer If you have sole custody of your child then the court system saw fit to leave the father out of the custody decision. Therefore, you have every legal right to see a lawyer, go through the c... Read More »

Who has legal custody of a married minor?

Generally: This is a complex issue and the laws vary from state to state. A minor needs a court order to marry legally prior to the age of consent. A court order for marriage of a minor would serve... Read More »

Who has legal custody of minor child when parents have never married?

An unmarried father must establish his paternity and arrange for a custody hearing if he wants custody. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most state... Read More »