When the doctor strips your cervix how long will it take to go into labor?

Answer Answer It can take up to 48 hours and is sucessful 50% of the time , and in some cases does not work at all , with my last pregnancy I had two failed attempts but fingers crossed it will work for y... Read More »

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How long does it take to go into labor if you are 1cm with long cervix?

if you are 3 weeks pregnant, and your effaced 90% i'd say that you need to go get that checked out? 3 weeks prego means you have ur entire 9 months left to go!! if you go into labor soon, you proba... Read More »

You are 37 weeks 2cm dilated Dr said cervix is still thick When will you go into labor?

Answer Chances are pretty soon. Maybe within the next few days. If you dont go into labour then they may have to induce you to speed things up otherwise infection could get to the baby.

How long after your doctor scrapes your membrain do you go into labor?

they say it could happen in hours BUT doesnt happen for everyone, i was induced to labour 10days after having my membrane sweep!

Will you go into labor soon if you're 34 weeks 1cm and cervix is soft?