When the computer was created, what was it called&who invented it?

Answer Some consider the "Castle Clock," invented by Al-Jazari approximately 800 years ago, to be the first computer. The Castle Clock showed the time, the phase of the moon and other elements related to ... Read More »

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Who created the Mac computer?

The Mac personal computer was created by Apple, Inc. and was released for sale in 1984. It was the first computer to have a mouse and the first computer to allow users to interact with it by clicki... Read More »

Who created the computer monitor?

The origins of the computer monitor can be traced back to 1897 when German Physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun developed Cathode Ray Tube technology. CRT monitors eventually were replaced with LCD monit... Read More »

How was the computer mouse created?

The prototype of today's computer mouse, first developed by Dr. Douglas Engelbart in 1963, operated on the same principles as today's version despite some physical differences.InventorAccording to ... Read More »

When was the first computer language created?

A pioneer in the development of digital computers, Konrad Zuse designed the first computer language, Plankakul, in Germany in the 1940s, but publication of his language was delayed until 1972 due t... Read More »