When teenagers are pregnant do they go through as much pain as adults do?

Answer All women experience different symptoms when it comes to going into labor. Being a teenager doesn't mean that your symptoms will be any different from any other first time mum.

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How do you get both of your parents to realize how much pain they have put you through physically and emotionally?

I am sorry, but you might not be able to. Your priority should be to work on healing you. Abuse happens for many different reasons, but if the cause has not changed (alcholism stopped, mental illne... Read More »

Are teenagers sperm less likely to get someone pregnant then adults sperm?

Answer No, its all the same. Sperm is sperm. Answer Not less likley, perhaps a little more likley.

Does anyone think that it is so annoying when all these teenagers get pregnant when there are other women ttc?

It is sad but I once read a report that claimed to prove that something goes haywire in teens brain circuitry during adolescence that sort of rules out common sense. Many women who have trouble ge... Read More »

Why do teenagers choose adoption when their pregnant?