When talking on cordless phone my kids in room are heard in my earpiece do i have a bad phone or is it my line?

Answer You need to see if you set different channels for your cordless phone.Wireless can cause distortion to electronic devices such as ear pieces or even other wireless devices.It has nothing at all to ... Read More »

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What kind of cordless phone cannot be heard by a scanner?

the DECT6.0!!!…there all have a build-in was the old 900MHz where anyone with a scanner could get your information, use it and make LD phonec... Read More »

I heard that talking too much on the phone can cause cancer.I bought earphones, will this help?

Wired earphones won't necessarily reduce the radio emissions, in fact they may amplify the problem as the earphone leads can act as a radiating antenna themselves!There is no doubt in my mind and e... Read More »

I have problems with cordless land line phone?

Ist is what it says it is - out of range.Some phones have very poor range (in test some of the talktalk and look alike ones)Some phones have excallent range (eg Panasonic ones)Likewise, where you p... Read More »

Panasonic Cordless Phone says 'Line in use' How do i fix itplz?