When talking about screen resolution,What is the meaning of p?

Answer Old standard def was interlaced video. That means that a single frame of video was actually 2 seperate images interlaced together. The first image was all the odd lines of the frame, then the secon... Read More »

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When talking about cancer, why do my friends abandon me?

in my experience people can' talk about cancer or dying because it makes them face their own mortality. i am sorry to hear that you feel alone and abandoned. i know it is hard enough to go through ... Read More »

When you say the phrase, 'Now that's country', who are you talking about?

What does DAP mean when talking about fertilizers?

DAP stands for diammonium phosphate. It is used in fertilizers because it temporarily raises the soil pH. DAP is alkaline and has a high pH level, so it is best for soil that has a pH level under 7... Read More »

What does 10-24 mean when talking about screws?

A 10-24 screw is a machine screw with a shaft diameter that measures between .1818 to .1900 inches. Industry standard numeric sizes are based on shaft diameter; this is where the number 10 comes fr... Read More »