When someone tells you to stop harassing them ...?

Answer Of course, STOP! means GO!? right?There are a lot of hair @ssed people out there, so be careful!?@maca- "there" is a person, place or thing,! "their" means ownership! or they're is they are!?

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How to Not Worry when Someone Tells on You?

It's really irritating when someone tells on you - at school OR at home - in fact, wherever you are, it is amazingly annoying - and worrying. Read on to find out how to not worry when you're told o... Read More »

If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them?

Yes the ambulance does stop to help the person. and would call for another ambulance to go to first call. Ambulances still have to obey the rules of the road. If the ambulance keep goin they could ... Read More »

What to say when someone tells you have no life!?

Just calmly ask them what sort of life they must have if they need to ridicule someone who (they deem) to have none.

You share a room with your cousin and she is naked when she is in there you get erections and when she sees them she sticks her butt out and tells you to spank it to make fun of you what should you do?

hittttttttt itt niqkuhhh ! she qotta loook qoood if yuh qettin erections ! lmfaooooooooooo she wantssssssssssssssss it ! if she chanqin in front of yuh like that and stuck her butt ouh !