When someone has a cast on their leg, how will they know when its healed?

Answer An untrained person may have an idea of whether a broken bone is healed or not, but an orthopedic surgeon can tell with an examination that may or may not include xrays the exact status of the inju... Read More »

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Special form of of pre-cast walls construction in which wall panels are cast horizontally at the job site and then erected?

the common term for this type of construction is "tilt-up".

Have any cast members died from the cast of Seinfeld?

Should My Foot be Healed Already?

It's not true what they told you. A bad sprain with torn ligaments takes 10 years to heal completely. Which means that it hurts for 10 years. It get's a little better every year but still hurts non... Read More »

Anyone that has gotten healed from Fibromialgia?

i have been taking this supplement corvalen and had reiki sessions and i haven'd had any muscle aches since.corvalen you can buy online. it is a ribose sugar that you mix with water. The ribose hel... Read More »