When someone has a cast on their leg, how will they know when its healed?

Answer An untrained person may have an idea of whether a broken bone is healed or not, but an orthopedic surgeon can tell with an examination that may or may not include xrays the exact status of the inju... Read More »

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When you restrict someone on facebook, will they know that you have restricted them?

Only if they try to contact you. Otherwise, no they will not.

When you put someone on your Restricted list on Facebook, will they see your updates/edits in THEIR newsfeed?

Is it normal for someone to squish their nose on their pop can when they take a sip of pepsi?

It is because you're tilting the can towards your nose to drink from the can. It's unavoidable unless you're Voldemort.

Do owners know that when they sue their condo association they sue themselves?

Some know, some do not know. Condominium-savvy owners understand that they purchased property that operates as a private democracy based on the governing documents in effect over the association.Pe... Read More »