When someone Freezes a dead body?

Answer The relevant term is "human cryogenics" as in;_ylt=A…

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How to get rid of a dead body?

Can you get Smallpox from a dead body?

No. Although smallpox is a contagious infection, it cannot survive long once the host body dies.

Can I have a few suggestions on how to get rid of a dead body.?

Spade - hole - body in - lime - cover.orBoat - weights - tie to body - deep water - overboard.orQuiet area - petrol - lighter - on body - whoosh.

Is it true that a dead body can move on its own?

Very true. After a short period of time the body will stiffen (rigor mortis) but a lot of times rigor mortis will reverse itself (the body will unstiffen) for a while before permanent stiffness se... Read More »