When should you wear a lifting belt?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsA lifting belt can help when lifting heavy weights that place pressure on the back such as the barbell squat and barbell dead lift. It keeps the lower back from roun... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a power lifting belt?

Power lifting belts (also known as weightlifting belts) help reduce stress on lower back muscles by squeezing the contents of the abdominal cavity during lifting. They also can help keep a weightli... Read More »

Why should I wear a jock strap lifting weights?

Jock straps provide support for male genitalia, and their use depends on the preference of the individual. They can be helpful when weightlifting for those with certain conditions, but are not nece... Read More »

Why are cars drivers required to wear a seat belt but motorcycle drivers not required to wear a helmet?

Simple -- Statistically, you will have far less injuries or dead if you wear a seat belt.Statistically, a motorcycle helmet does not reduce injuries or deaths. The purpose of the helmet laws is to... Read More »

What age does a child have to wear belt?

If you mean a seatbelt then in the UK the simple answer is from the day they're born. If they're smaller than 135cm and under 12 years of age they must be placed in a suitable child seat (or booste... Read More »