When should you water herbs?

Answer when they are dry unless they are dry soil loving plants

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Should you water plants flowers herbs etc with mineral water does the type of mineral water matter and what effect do alkaline levels have?

You want to try and avoid watering plants with mineral water. The alkaline levels will kill some plants and can cause other plants to change colors in there flowers, fruit size, and fruit development.

Can herbs die when watered with salt water?

Most plants will die if the salinity level is high enough, and pure sea water is too salty for all except those which naturally grow in or at the edge of the sea. Those that originated in a coastal... Read More »

When should I plant herbs?

Herb gardening can be as simple or as complex as the gardener feels they are able to manage. Check out the link below for some pointers.

When should you sow marigold seed in Boston Massachusetts and with what vegetables and herbs?

Marigolds In general, marigolds are planted in the spring and summer months anytime after frost. They are wonderful companion plants for lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, roses, and beans.