When should you visit a gynecologist?

Answer It is either when you become sexually active or turn 18. This is because anyone can get cervical, uterine or ovarian cancer. The best cure is prevention. That is what pap smears and pelvic exams ar... Read More »

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Should you visit universal studios when in hollywood?

On One Hand: Universal Studios Hollywood is unique.Though NBC Universal operates multiple "Universal Studios" theme parks, only the Southern California park shares space with the actual Universal P... Read More »

Should I Go With My Wife to the Gynecologist?

Automotive carpet endures lots of wear and tear: pets, children, high foot traffic and home improvement projects can cause a laundry list of spills. Numerous companies sell carpeting by the yard if... Read More »

What foods and drinks do you think I should try, when I visit your country :) ?

I'm from Persia/Iran...Try...-Ghormeh Sabzi with rice (its my fave... its veggie stew with chunks of meat and beans)-Zereshk rice with chicken (I personally don't like it... but I know ppl love it.... Read More »

When an older brother is visiting an older sister about 12 miles from you should he call to visit you or should you call to go see him?

be nice to them as much as you can, do nice things for them.