When should you use a vga splitter or extender?

Answer On One Hand: What They DoVGA splitters take the output from a computer graphics card and split it into two separate streams, allowing more than one monitor to display the output of a single card. E... Read More »

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What splitter should I buy for digital cable?

On One Hand: Go For The GigWhen splitting digital cable, it's important to protect the signal strength. A splitter for digital cable should be at least 1 GHz. Monster is generally considered the be... Read More »

What antenna splitter should be used for a digital TV?

A 1GHz antenna splitter is all that is needed for a digital television. Choose between a two-way or a four-way aerial splitter, depending on your connection needs. The antenna splitter allows a sig... Read More »

My external CD ROM drive is not working when plugged into usb port extender?

Your problem is with the USB Hub or the extender not the printer or CD Rom..The issue is USB Hub is not carrying enough power to run both of you devices. The only way i can think of is first pluggi... Read More »

Homemade Wi-Fi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender’s purpose is to intensify the Wi-Fi signals around a Wi-Fi antenna. A homemade Wi-Fi extender can be built from a few items commonly found around the home. The procedure is strai... Read More »