When should you trim rose bushes?

Answer Trim rose bushes in the early spring, after the snow and frost have gone. Cut off all the winter kill. If the branch is still green inside, it will produce growth, so don't cut it off. Don't forget... Read More »

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How do i trim rose bushes before winter?

Remove WoodRemove any dead or diseased wood with pruning sheers by cutting at a 45-degree angle ¼ inch above an outward facing bud. The cut should slant away from the bud. Always wear gloves when ... Read More »

What time of year do I trim rose bushes?

Most rose bushes benefit from some trimming in the spring before new growth begins. Remove all dead canes and any overly thin canes. If the rose bush is grafted, then prune away any suckers growing... Read More »

How Deep Should I Plant My Rose Bushes?

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What should nighttime temperatures be for planting new rose bushes?

Congratulations, quite an accomplishment. So now I will keep you from killing these. No matter what temp you can't just throw them out after having been sheltered for years, it would be like t... Read More »