When should you take Zyrtec: am or pm?

Answer Zyrtec is a second-generation antihistamine used to combat allergy symptoms such as sneezing, rashes, runny noses and other respiratory symptoms. Antihistamines are notorious for causing drowsiness... Read More »

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Is Zyrtec-D safe to take while pregnant?

There have not been extensive studies on the side effects of Zyrtec-D on pregnancy. Consequently, a physician should be consulted prior to its use. In addition, Zyrtec-D should not be taken if you ... Read More »

How long does Zyrtec take to work?

Zyrtec is a fast acting over-the-counter allergy medication that begins to take affect in as little as one hour after taking the first dose and works for up to 24 hours.Source:Zyrtec

You are joining the Marines and suffer from allergies Can you take Zyrtec while in basic training?

I would have thought that you need to tell the Marines about your allergies and let them deal with it rather than trying to treat yourself while in training. Bear in mind that if your allergies are... Read More »

When I defrag it takes a long time, should it was told it should not take more than 5 mins.?

depends.. when you defrag you're copying and recopying data chunks and putting the related ones near each other so you can access them faster in the future. so it depends on your RAM, total disk sp... Read More »