When should you submit a claim to a secondary insurance company?

Answer After you have received the Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) from your primary carrier if there is coordination of benefits. If the secondary insurance is an indemnity you do not need to wait.

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When should you not submit a claim to a car insurance company?

On One Hand: It Might Not Help to SubmitIf damage from an accident is relatively minor, it might add up to less than your deductible, or only a little bit more. Filing a claim wouldn't help you fin... Read More »

Do you need to send a claim to your primary insurance company first if they do not cover the treatment but your secondary insurance will?

Is it possible for an insurance company to deny your claim because you have a primary and they can not be a secondary?

Answer Conference the 2 claims reps together and let them Duke it out!

Can Secondary Insurance not pay anything on claim if Medicare pays more on claim than they would if they were primary?

Answer Yes, If medicare pays more than the secondary insurance allows for a charge, the secondary insurance pays nothing. The balance is written off to a contractual allowance that is agreed upon ... Read More »