When should you repaint your Highrise?

Answer There is no standard. Repainting a condominium building, regardless of its style of construction may be a preventative maintenance line item in the budget, or it may be a capital expenditure accoun... Read More »

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What is a highrise condominium?

A high rise condominium is a tall building with condominium units.

How to Access Highrise From an iPhone?

Highrise is a Web-based application designed to manage business contacts, customer relationships and lead developments. The application can be accessed from your iPhone using the official app devel... Read More »

How to Delete Tags in Highrise?

Highrise is a software program designed to help with organization skills, especially pertaining to business associates. The Highrise messaging system keeps track of all conversations with contacts,... Read More »

How to Transfer a Highrise Case to Basecamp?

"Rework," a "New York Times" best-selling book aimed at creating a fresh outlook on how business is done, presents the ideas of the business management software company 37Signals. The popular busin... Read More »