When should you put out crabgrass preventer?

Answer On One Hand: Use When Weather Reaches 55 DegreesAccording to lawn care experts at GreenView Fertilizer, the best time to use crabgrass preemergent, or preventer, is before crabgrass germinates, whi... Read More »

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When should I apply crabgrass preventer?

On One Hand: Stop Growth Before It recommends applying crabgrass preventer before the light-colored, four-leafed weed named for its protruding, crab-like appearance, has th... Read More »

If I forgot to use pre-emergent crabgrass preventer, is it already too late in mid April?

Do it ASAP. Be sure to put down broad leaf pre-emergent as well..You can not blend them in spreader because they have a different application rate.Never use weed and feed.Now go drink a beer and relax

When do you apply crabgrass control?

When to apply crabgrass control depends on your location. According to the University of Minnesota, crabgrass control can be applied as a pre-emergence treatment in late April or May. Purdue Unive... Read More »

When do I use crabgrass killer if I live in Tennessee?

Your best bet to control crabgrass in your lawn--in Tennessee and all other areas--is to treat your lawn before the crabgrass seeds have time to sprout. By applying a pre-emergent weed killer in th... Read More »