When should you power rake a lawn?

Answer On One Hand: Need for Early Spring Power RakingSince power raking is meant to remove decomposed plant tissue, i.e., thatch, which gathers on lawn surfaces, the best time for power raking is in the ... Read More »

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When to Roto Rake a Lawn?

Roto-raking a lawn, or more commonly called power-raking, is employing the use of a vertical mower designed to remove thatch in a lawn. This chore should be done when thatch layers are 1/2 inch in ... Read More »

History of Lawn Rake?

On September 8, 1896, U.S. Patent No. 567,129 was issued to L. Gibbs for a "Rake and Apparatus for Making Same." The patent described the method of manufacturing a rake head made of sheet metal pu... Read More »

Should you rake your neighbors lawn when your tree leaves fall on their property?

It would buy you a lot of good will with your neighbors.

How do I remove dead crabgrass with a power rake?

Cleaning Is NecessaryThatch grass with a power rake in April or September. Thatch is the result of overwatering, overfertilization and soil compaction and must be cleaned out of the lawn to maintai... Read More »