When should you plant strawberries?

Answer On One Hand: June BearingThe most common type of strawberries grown are known as June bearing strawberries. They should be planted in the early spring as soon as your garden area is soft enough to ... Read More »

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How to Plant Strawberries in Florida?

Florida's warm climate and long growing season make it ideally suited to the needs of strawberry plants, according to University of Florida Extension. In Florida, planting season for strawberries b... Read More »

How do I plant honeoye strawberries?

Create Strawberry MoundsCreate mounded rows of soil 4 feet apart, each row about 1 foot high and 2 feet wide. Most soil types suffice but add high quality mulch or loam if soil is extremely sandy o... Read More »

How do I plant strawberries from seeds?

Starting the SeedsPut the seeds in a plastic bag and squeeze out all the air. Close the bag and put it in the freezer for three weeks to simulate winter. Remove the bag and let it come to room temp... Read More »

How to Plant Strawberries in Missouri?

Although Missouri is not the ideal growing zone for strawberries, it is possible to grow healthy plants if the correct procedures are followed. Ideal varieties for Missouri include: Sparkle, Surecr... Read More »