When should you open the vents under your house?

Answer On One Hand: Save on Heating CostsThe Federal Trade Commission's guide to Heating and Cooling Your Home suggests crawl space vents remain open in the spring but closed during the winter to keep col... Read More »

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Should you insulate vents under a house?

On One Hand: Foundation Vents Need InsulationAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners should install insulation around most types of openings into the house, such as foundation vents.... Read More »

Do i need cornice vents in my house?

On One Hand: Cornice Vents Protect Your Roof and AtticCornice vents allow air to travel under the roof, removing moisture from the enclosed space. The vents also equalize the temperature on both si... Read More »

Should the air vents to the crawl space be open in the winter?

Air vents to a crawl space should be closed in the winter. By closing the vents in the winter, it prevents the temperature from dropping in the crawl space, which can freeze pipes and cause energy ... Read More »

Should vents on crawl space be open in winter?