When should you go to the doctor to see if im pregagnat?

Answer You should see a Dr as soon as possible after you miss 1 menstrual period.

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When i am scratching my ear or cleaning it with a cutip, it's louder than it should be. Should I see a doctor?

Stick a pencil led/paper clip/needle/small screwdriver deep into your ear until you hear a pop. There might be some blood, but this is OK. Now pour any fluid into your ear and pour the water out of... Read More »

When should you see a doctor if you are pregnant?

When should a pregnant woman first see a doctor?

Around ten to twelve weeks pregnant is considered best. Before that and there isn't really much for them to do other than a basic pelvic exam. But I would really recommend going before sixteen weeks.

When should the doctor follow-up be completed after radiation for lung cancer?

On One Hand: Relatively Short WaitYour first checkup will come two-to-six weeks after your treatment, according to After the initial visit your doctor will schedule you for follo... Read More »