When should you drop Full Coverage and just keep Liability on your 1993 Ford XLT Van that has only 29 500 miles on it?

Answer Answer The question you should ask yourself is, if your car gets damaged, will you fix it or just buy a new car? The Comp and Collision coverage on your vehicle helps pay for damage to your car. If... Read More »

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How old should a truck be when it is logical to drop from full coverage to only having PLPD coverage?

If your friend wrecked your car and you have only liability but he has full coverage who will pay for your car?

Answer YOU will. only his liability will follow him. you loan your car, you loan your insurance as well. So looks like your not getting your car paid for.

What is the difference between liability insurance&full coverage?

Auto insurance is required for anyone who drives an automobile. It is necessary to understand different types of coverage, such as liability vs. full coverage.Liability CoverageLiability insurance ... Read More »

At what value of your automobile should you change from full coverage to liability?

Answer It all depends check your blue book if your car is worth a price that you consider good keep full covarege especially if you are still making payments. If the price on the ble book is not so... Read More »