When should you change your fluorescent grow light?

Answer On One Hand: Grow Light LifePer Home Harvest Garden Supply the average fluorescent grow light has a life of about 10,000 hours. This means if you used the light an average of 16 hours a day, the li... Read More »

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What Precautions Should You Take When a Compact Fluorescent Light Breaks?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a great energy saver. According to Energy Star, they use about 75 percent less energy than conventional light bulbs. When a CFL breaks, however, specific precaut... Read More »

Ive been leavin my fluorescent light on my pot plant 24/7 when should i turn them off?

Leave it 24/7 until the plants get to the heigth you want...then set timmer to 12 hours a day to start budding...once you start the 12 hour cycle you cant change it...

Can You Grow Seedlings Under a Fluorescent Light?

Starting seedlings indoors is necessary in cooler climates to protect young seedlings. Using the correct light to grow healthy seedlings is a necessary element of this, and fluorescent lights are a... Read More »

Why do plants grow under fluorescent light?

Plants use light energy (present in the photons of blue and red light) to break apart carbon dioxide and combine it with nutrients in order to produce glucose. Any lighting will do as long as it is... Read More »