When should you begin to use a flat iron?

Answer On One Hand: Works An All HairFlat irons are designed to flatten all textures and types of hair, including that of young children. Irons may be used on a child as soon as the hair is long enough to... Read More »

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What is the difference between a flat iron&a ceramic flat iron?

Flat irons contain two plates which emit heat and straighten curls when pressed together over sections of hair. There are several varieties of flat irons on the market, and what often distinguishes... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Flat Iron & a Ceramic Flat Iron?

Flat irons have become increasingly popular as a nonchemical method of hair straightening. If you are considering the purchase of a flat iron, you may be confused as to the difference between a tra... Read More »

How Hot Should a Flat Iron Get?

Disposable lunch trays cost your school money to replace each time you need to order more inventory. The trays also are unhealthy for the environment because they increase the amount of waste place... Read More »

Should I use a blow dryer or a flat iron?

On One Hand: Blow Dryer Is Less DamagingAccording to Dominican Blowout, a blow dryer is less damaging to your hair. Blow dryers are also versatile. You can blow dry your hair straight or put in hot... Read More »