When should woman start having kids?

Answer between 19 and 29 ~ having children after 29 are more prone to medical issues like down's syndrome between 19- 29

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When is the best time to start having kids?

When should a pregnant woman start feeling fatigue?

AnswerNot every pregnancy is alike, because everyone is different. Fatigue is not promised, however it can start as soon as the egg has been fertilized. For me, I was asleep from the third week of ... Read More »

How soon after intercourse can and will a woman start having pregnancy symptoms?

AnswerIt takes approximately 10 days for implantation to occur after an egg is fertilized. This is typically when women start to experience pregnancy symptoms.

What does the man do when the woman is having a baby?

I have five kids. I don't belong to any type of religion or belief, birth control just doesn't work so well. I have always been in the room holding her hand and one knee along with the nurses and d... Read More »