My brother lies a lot. Does that mean you should tell the truth when he tells a lie?

Answer It is difficult at the best of times to express condolences to the bereaved when a loss is felt so greatly by so many. Words can only express the heart and mind of the person offering such a saluta... Read More »

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How to Give and Receive the Truth, No Matter How Harsh?

"Truth be told" is a phrase that so often is misused. How many of us actually tell someone the truth regarding aspects of our/their lives? Will the truth actually cause more damage or just simplify... Read More »

What should a woman give when proposing to a man?

On One Hand: Traditional RingChoose a ring that matches your man's style and tastes and present it to him during a romantic moment. You don't have to get on one knee, but the ring is the symbol of... Read More »

When should restaurants give out refunds/exchanges?

When---at the time of the meal--if the food is awful, take one bite only and ask your waitress to come over and complain.They will replace it.-

How much fertilizer should I give to a seed and when?

Let the seeds grow for 2 weeks. Use little amount of fertilizer for seedlings