When should tomato seeds be planted?

Answer On One Hand: Plant at 50 Degrees FahrenheitTomato plants can generally be planted when a temperature consistently reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder than 50 degrees and tomatoes may not grow... Read More »

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How deep should tomato seeds be planted?

Tomato seed planting depth Tomato seeds should be planted approximately one-quarter inch deep (6mm).

When should tomato seeds be planted to be ready for spring?

Tomato seeds should be planted during the later part of January but no later than early February. The tomato seedlings will be ready to use in the later part of spring.Source:Seeding and Sowing Tom... Read More »

Do tomato plants need to be planted with Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is used in gardens where the soil is exhibiting magnesium deficiencies. The salt will not improve tomato growth if a soil test concludes that the soil is not lacking in magnesium. Overus... Read More »

How far apart should tomato plants be planted to prevent cross pollination?

Cross pollination rarely happens between tomato plants, therefore this is not a factor for spacing. The spacing does, however, depend on whether your plants are staked or free to sprawl. Staked pla... Read More »