When should soft swelling go down after Child bumped head?

Answer If a rumbuctious toddler falls on his/her forehead, a small venule will rupture causing a 'goose-egg' swelling. If there is no LOC (loss of consciousness) and the child cries soon after the event, ... Read More »

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Should the swelling have gone down after three day?

Nope. That is a place where there isn't much circulation, so it will take a while.Bruising takes a lot longer to heal than an actual cut, so it would take longer anyway, but there isn't much blood ... Read More »

When will the swelling go down?

Yes, you need an antibiotic, it will not go away on it's own at this stage & there are dangers of others complications.Then, first thing Monday see a dentist, you most likely will need a root canal... Read More »

What should you do if a child falls and cut his knee and it causes swelling?

Well, you need to make sure the cut is clean, and maybe put a healing lotion(Like neosporn) on it. Ice would also help lowering swelling. If after about two days, swelling is still there, increasin... Read More »

Bumped my head on door knob?

Dam that spider. Put ice on it,make sure you dont go to sleep right away if its been a couple hours i am sure its ok.