When should soft swelling go down after Child bumped head?

Answer If a rumbuctious toddler falls on his/her forehead, a small venule will rupture causing a 'goose-egg' swelling. If there is no LOC (loss of consciousness) and the child cries soon after the event, ... Read More »

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Bumped my head really hard?

No just a little ouchy... Sensitive head maybe.. Eat soup get rest wake up refreshed.

Bumped my head on door knob?

Dam that spider. Put ice on it,make sure you dont go to sleep right away if its been a couple hours i am sure its ok.

My son accidentaly bumped his head on a corner of a stairway stand, (hard metal)?

if you saw him hit, and you know it was a bad/hard hit, then take him to the ER NOW. if it was just a bump, its likely he's going to bruise, my daughter is constantly hitting her head, falling and ... Read More »

You have a bump on your head from a fall will an ice pack help the swelling?