When should shrubs be trimmed?

Answer Whenever the rule of the 'd' words applies is the time when shrubs should be trimmed or pruned. Generally, that means one of two times. Often the timing is during dormancy. Specifically, many garde... Read More »

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Can non-flowering shrubs be trimmed in spring?

Non-flowering shrubs or hedges can be trimmed at any time, including spring. The amount of trimming is dependent on how fast the shrubs grow. This could involve trimming the shrub anywhere from twi... Read More »

Should a Confederate Rose Be Trimmed?

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What time of year should trees be trimmed?

Pruning trees properly produces stronger, healthier, and more attractive trees. Knowing when to prune will protect the plant from damage and promote these positive qualities, while pruning improper... Read More »

How to Keep Men's Hair Trimmed When It Is Growing Out?

As hair grows out, split ends formed at the edges can create a frizzy, unhealthy look. Even with shorter men's hairstyles, regular trimming can help the hair grow out with a strong, healthy appeara... Read More »