When should peach trees be pruned in Pennsylvania?

Answer The best time to prune peach trees in Pennsylvania is in the spring, when there is no more danger of frost. In Pennsylvania, this would be around mid-April.Source:Prune Fruit TreesWhen to Prune Fru... Read More »

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When do peach trees get leaves in Pennsylvania?

The leaves of peach trees appear after the flower blossoms lose their petals. This happens in the spring after the last frost dates. In Pennsylvania, this usually occurs between late April and late... Read More »

Do juniper trees regrow when pruned?

According to Maas Nursery, juniper trees will not regrow cut branches, which means that a gardener should prune only the leaves. Junipers do regrow new leaves within several weeks to several months... Read More »

How often should you water peach trees?

Peach trees need water from the time they first blossom until the end of October. Water the trees to the depth of 12 inches once a week when there has been no rainfall. If the weather has turned ho... Read More »

How Far Apart Should One Plant Peach Trees?

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